Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

EarthSmart: FedEx® solutions for a more sustainable world

At FedEx, we believe the success of our business and the future of our environment are deeply connected. That’s why we are committed to connecting the world in responsible and resourceful ways.

EarthSmart® solutions enable us to integrate sustainable practices into the way we work and the services we offer our customers — every day, everywhere around the world.

Leading the way with innovation

We invest in new solutions and advocate for change to improve our entire industry’s efficiency and environmental performance. From installing solar panels to investing in biofuels, these solutions deliver clear and tangible benefits for the environment, our customers, our team members and our business. FedEx recognizes these products, services, physical assets and initiatives with an EarthSmart designation.

Learn more about our EarthSmart Innovations.

Making a difference together

EarthSmart goes beyond the way we run our business. We empower our team members and customers to make responsible choices every day. Team members around the world lead grassroots sustainability initiatives like e-waste recycling drives and community clean-up projects. And customers can choose from our selection of environmentally responsible packaging and digital document solutions to reduce their footprint.

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