Travel with FedEx: Anchorage, AK

We’ve asked members of the FedEx family to help guide you on your travel adventures this year. Here you will find insider advice from our team members on the places they frequent and why they think these locations are hot spots you should add to your road trip checklist. Check out this section, which highlights Anchorage and all of the great things the city has to offer. Stay tuned for more cities!

Meet Rose Fleenor

Rose Fleenor is a Pickup & Delivery Manager for FedEx Ground. She’s worked for FedEx for 11 years and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Favorite part of working at FedEx:

“My career with FedEx has excelled with the unique opportunity of the Alaskan market and the challenging logistics. The continual logistical changes and improvements allow for excitement and opportunity to help FedEx Ground grow and deliver on the Purple Promise. I couldn’t be happier to have a career where I can share the beauty of my hometown in Alaska with my daughter.”

#1 Travel Tip

“Do your research about the wildlife before enjoying the national parks!”

Top 5 things to do in Anchorage, AK

1. Russian River

2. Denali National Park

3. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

4. Northern Lights

5. Enjoy the wildlife!

  • A two-mile flatland hike takes you from campgrounds to the Russian River where you can either fish for, or watch, the jumping salmon. Bears can also be seen fishing downstream below the falls.

  • Denali National Park spans 2,146,580 acres and is larger than some states in North America. Tours are offered for visitors to enjoy the wildlife as well as the incredible history that comes with it.

  • The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center houses Alaskan moose, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, deer, bald eagles and more. The animals are cared for in natural habitats, and tours are available for visitors to enjoy.

  • Making your way to witness Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights, is half of the adventure. The Alaskan wilderness has incredible views of its own. Once you make it to experience Mother Nature’s phenomenon, make sure to have your camera ready!

  • One of the greatest things to experience while in Anchorage is the incredible wildlife. Thousands of species live in Alaska and most can be seen in their natural habitats at the national parks or in the local community!