Travel with FedEx: New York, NY

We’ve asked members of the FedEx family to help guide you on your travel adventures this year. Here you will find insider advice from our team members on the places they frequent and why they think these locations are hot spots you should add to your road trip checklist. Check out this section which highlights New York City and all of the great things it has to offer. Take a trip around the Big Apple with FedEx Express Swing Driver Ramon Santiago as he shares his five must see spots in the city.

Meet Ramon Santiago

Ramon Santiago is a Swing Driver for FedEx Express. He’s worked for FedEx for 19 years and lives in New York City.

Favorite part of working at FedEx:

“My favorite part about this job is the constant hustle in order to make deliveries on time. Also, the cardio and physicality of this job keeps me in shape.”

#1 Travel Tip

“Eat all of the food! If you come to visit NYC without trying the food here from around the world, you will leave with a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re visiting internationally, download a free text and calling app so you can stay in touch with relatives and post your foodie pics on Instagram.”

Top 5 things to do in NYC

1. Times Square

2. Radio City Music Hall

3. The Ship Intrepid

4. The Statue of Liberty

5. Freedom Tower Back Drops and Empire State Building Back Drop

  • Times Square is one of the most iconic photo opportunities in New York City. Come for New Year’s Eve to see the ball drop or on a random weekday; it’ll be full of people either way.

  • Radio City Music Hall can be found in the Rockefeller Center and is nicknamed the Showplace of the Nation. Many events are held within its walls including musical theater productions, pre-season sports events, and live concert performances.

  • The USS Intrepid has been through thick and thin. It has served in both World War II and the Vietnam War as well as been the recovery vehicle for space missions Mercury and Gemini. The ship has been decommissioned and is now available for tour in NYC.

  • New York’s prettiest gal, Lady Liberty, stands 111 feet and 6 inches tall and can be found just next to the skyline. Take the Staten Island Ferry for free to get a great view of her and all of New York.

  • The Freedom Tower, also known as the World Trade Center, can be found in Lower Manhattan. The design for the new building came out of public competition after the original tower’s destruction on September 11, 2001. You can go to the top of The Freedom Tower for a great view of the city, or head over to the Empire State Building for another good view.