Travel with FedEx: São Paulo, Brazil

We’ve asked members of the FedEx family to help guide you on your travel adventures this year. Here you will find insider advice from our team members on the places they frequent and why they think these locations are hot spots you should add to your road trip checklist. Check out this section which highlights São Paulo and all of the great things the city has to offer. Take a trip around São Paulo, Brazil with FedEx Express Courier Rafael Gama as he shares his must see spots in the city.

Meet Rafael Gama

Rafael Gama is a Courier for FedEx Express. He’s worked for FedEx for 8 years and lives in São Paulo.

Favorite part of working at FedEx:

“What I love most on my route is the face-to-face contact with customers.”

#1 Travel Tip

“I would suggest visiting the soccer museum in São Paulo, which is located inside the Pacaembu soccer stadium. There is a lot of historical information about the most famous sport in Brazil that people will find very interesting.”

Top things to do in São Paulo

1. Football (Soccer) Museum in Pacaembu Stadium

2. Municipal Theater

3. Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge (Morumbi Bridge)

4. Butantan Institute

5. Ibirapuera Park

  • Pacaembu Stadium houses Brazil’s famous Football Museum and has been home to sold-out performances by some of the world’s top performing acts.

  • São Paulo’s Municipal Theatre is widely known as the hot spot for opera, theatre, and art within southeast Brazil and around the world. Its interior design is built in the Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau styles.

  • Octavio de Frias Oliveira (Morumbi) Bridge is one of the only bridges in the world with an “X” shape. It illuminates beautifully at night which attracts automobile companies to film their commercials on-site.

  • The Butantan Institute is a Brazilian Biomedical Research center that houses a world famous collection of poisonous snakes, as well as venomous lizards, spiders, insects, and scorpions.

  • Ibirapuera Park is perfect for a mid-day walk or jog. The park houses several attractions including a gymnasium, an auditorium for musical performances, and the Municipal Astrophysics School.